Born of Night (The League #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon



In the Ichidian Universe, The League and their ruthless assassins rule all. Expertly trained and highly valued, the League Assassins are the backbone of the government. But not even the League is immune to corruption . . .

Command Assassin Nykyrian Quikiades once turned his back on the League—and has been hunted by them ever since. Though many have tried, none can kill him or stop him from completing his current mission: to protect Kiara Zamir, a woman whose father’s political alliance has made her a target. 

As her world becomes even deadlier, Kiara must entrust her life to the same kind of beast who once killed her mother and left her for dead. Old enemies and new threaten them both and the only way they can survive is to overcome their suspicions and learn to trust in the very ones who threaten them the most: each other.



My thoughts:


*A shout out to Yodamom for recommending this book to me :) Thank you *


This is your typical bad boy meets a sweet innocent girl story.

I took me a few pages to get used to the setting in the book but I was in “their “world pretty quick. I took me a little longer to get used to their name though.

 I really enjoyed this book. Great smooth writing, with lots action, romance and humor all nicely blended. It has had pretty surprising twist in it, that I really enjoyed. I had a hard time putting it down.

We have Nykyrian, a trained assassin, who had a terrible childhood being abused and never loved, who meets and falls in love with Kiara a sweet dancer who grew up privileged and protected. He of course thinks that he doesn’t deserve her and fights against his feelings for her. I mostly enjoyed him, except a few times, I felt like slapping him but I think that was meant to be that way ;)

We have Kiara, who falls for him right away and see right away that there is more to him than just the hardcore soldier he pretends to be. A few times she sees what he does and is bit weary of him but that fades quick for her. And she never gives up on him. Kiara was a bit getting used to , the was a little naïve and stupid in the beginning which kept getting her in trouble and her having to be saved. There was also a lot of crying on her end, but she grew quite a bit through the book.

I really enjoyed the end; I thought it was a great end to a great book.

Overall I give it 4 ★



Favorite quotes:


“I’m not paid to be nice ,I’m paid to kill”


“While you’re standing there hands on your hips, why don’t you stomp your foot and pout like a good little spoiled girl”


“Syn has a brain disorder that causes him to lie most of the time. Ignore him.”


“In your palms, I’ve placed my life, my secrets. I give you freedom to leave me at any time. I’m not easy to love. No one ever has. All I ask is that you always keep your silence, if not for me, then for the families of the others you’d destroy.”











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