Forbidden (The Soulkeepers #1) By Lori Adams

Forbidden - Lori Adams



When Sophia St. James learns that she’ll be moving from Los Angeles to a podunk town somewhere in Connecticut for her senior year of high school, she isn’t expecting an otherworldly encounter. But there is more to Haven Hurst than meets the eye: it’s home to a family of Guardian Angels, and she is the only one who can see them in spirit form. Sophia soon realizes she wants to see much more of Michael, an irresistible yet volatile Guardian who seems drawn to her too.

As Michael battles his forbidden desire for the beautiful young newcomer, one of Hell’s most notorious Demon Knights arrives. Handsome and charismatic, Dante has come to claim the reincarnated soul of his lost lover trapped in Sophia. Cursed with the demon of Persuasion living inside him, Dante will use his seductive charms to lure Sophia into a dangerous game that ends with the kiss of death—unless Michael, who has captured Sophia’s heart, can now capture her soul.





When I started the book, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, But I ended up liking it.

There were a few things I didn’t really care for but that might just me. One was that the book switches from first person to third person view all the way through the book. I think it could have just stayed with either one or at least third person view.

Also the writing style was kind of weird for me and I can’t even put my finger on what it was really maybe it was that some things were just over described that bothered me the most.

Some of the dialog was a little childish even for a YA book.

I liked the characters they were each in their own way great, there were only a couple of times where Sophia got on my nerves, just because I think she should have doubted herself less.

I liked Michael and his Family, they are great characters and his Family brought a nice touch to the story.

Dante, well I hope he goes back and stay in hell, even when he was all nicey nice I dint care for him at all. He was just trying too hard.

Over all I enjoyed this book a lot and will move on to the second one and hope some question I have about Sophia are answered.

I give it 3 ½ ★


* I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you



Favorite Quotes: 




“Take your piss while I decide which badass look I’ll assume to impress the human babes”




“It is more than flesh and bone we want but something altogether less tangible. We crave light in the darkness the way silence craves music. Don’t we, Sophia? In the deepest part of you, don’t you sense you are missing something important? You are meant for something more? Something is waiting for you?”




“Now I know what it means when they say Cupid shoots you with an arrow. It hurts! And if I ever see the little shit, I’m gonna take his arrow and spank him with it”