Nothing Ventured By Jane Oldaker

Nothing Ventured - Jane Oldaker



Molly Malone is obsessed with putting herself on the map by building a prestigious housing development. All she needs to get started is a very large wad of cash. Romance is about the last thing she would ever pencil into her overflowing diary until she encounters the breathtakingly handsome Paul Farnsworth, front man for a group of investors who might back Molly’s project.


My thoughts:


It was a nice story and I liked the idea of the story. I always like a good story about empowering women. Like Molly running, a mostly run by men business on her own and being really successful doing it. Also, finding love when you least expect it. Like I already said it is a nice story, but I found myself a bit bored half way through. The story seemed to be draw out a bit at times and also felt a bit repetitive. I didn’t care for the main character Molly as much; she seemed very bland I guess would be a word. She had two modes when she was not her bland self, extremely angry or extremely sad, almost in a depressed state. The other characters made up for her though.


Over all I give this book a 3 star rating, it was a nice story but seemed to be dragging at times.