Shocking the Medic  - Elizabeth  Otto

0.5 if I could give it a 0 I would Rating is not for the book but for the author. I won this book way back in September and still have not received it. And really its not about the book it is that I contacted her multiple times and each time I have been ignored. I know life can get busy and we forget stuff but she saw my messages and just ignored them. She had plenty of time to promote other things but never a minute to respond and even just let me know she will not send the promised book. So now that it has been forever and she is still ignoring me, I decided to no longer support her or her books. I figured is she can't spare a minute to respond about a giveaway SHE made I have no longer have the time or money to spend on her books. Ans yes I read, bought and reviewed book by her before .