The Diabolic - S.J. Kincaid




Nemesis is a Diabolic. Created to protect a galactic Senator's daughter, Sidonia. The girl who has grown up by her side and who is as much as sister as a master. There's no one Nemesis wouldn't kill to keep her safe. But when the power-mad Emperor summons Sidonia to the galactic court as a hostage, there is only one way for Nemesis to protect Sidonia.

She must become her.

Now one of the galaxy's most dangerous weapons is masquerading in a world of corruption and Nemesis has to hide her true abilities or risk everything. As the Empire begins to fracture and rebellion looms closer, Nemesis learns that there is something stronger than her deadly force: the one thing she's been told she doesn't have - humanity. And, amidst all the danger, action and intrigue, her humanity might be the only thing that can save her, Sidonia and the entire Empire...



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I saw buzz and good reviews all over the place for this book, so I decided to get it, and I’m happy that I did. Not only is the cover beautiful but the books is just the same. It starts of a bit odd as we learn of the world and Nemesis. And the humans around her. Nemesis is owed and bonded to Sidonia and pretty much programmed to love and protect Sidonia. As well put her own life down and die for her master if it comes to it. And Nemesis is just ready to do that. She is going through a so much pain just protect Sidonia and become her. But it comes clear very early on that Nemesis is starting to have feelings and emotions herself. Something that she is not build or programmed to have. As she arrives at the Empires estate things turn ugly right away and she does anything to help Sidonia survive but that might be harder than she thought because she is away from her master and really is pretending to be her and nobody can know. This book is really hard to review without spoiling it so I will just say a little about it and maybe the end. The entire book is a roller-coaster of emotions as we follow Nemesis throughout the book and discover her own emotions and what they are. But also there is a big mouse and cat game going on and you never know who to trust or not. I was on the edge of my seat plenty times and other I was about to cry. It sweet and sad at the time, but also thrilling and scary. I really feared for her and other characters throughout the book. Tyrus, was hard to pin down you can’t be sure what to think of him for a good while and even later you can’t really know to trust him or not. Without spoiling the book I can honestly say I was super nervous going into the last chapter. That is all I can really say without giving the end away ….. Also you really don’t know what will happen until the very last couple pages … or will you…?

Overall I really loved this book and I give it 4★, because the beginning was bit slow for me but the rest was awesome.



Some of my favorite quotes:


Perhaps scorpions were the only ones who could save each other. Whatever lay ahead, it would always be the two of us above the rest of the universe, and woe to any who dared step in our path.”





“Ah, of course,” remarked Cygna.” The library won you over. Tyrus keeps those on hand for stars knows why, but clearly you share your father’s love for knowledge, then”




A strange idea struck me: now that I had learned to see it, I might see glimpse beauty anywhere. Even perhaps, in another’s face.




He pulled the mask to his face. “Both of us,” he said “Or neither.”





“A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you've been created for.”










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