One Black Rose (One Black Rose #1) by Maddy Edwards

One Black Rose - Maddy Edwards




Go on a journey in this heart-stopping modern day fairytale.

Sixteen-year-old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton, Maine, for the summer. All she’s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary is supposed to happen.

But as soon as she arrives she meets Holt Roth. Holt is unlike anyone she’s ever met before – and her reaction to him is even more unexpected.

Then she meets Holt’s friend, Samuel Cheshire. If her reaction to Holt was strong, her reaction to Samuel is shocking. The only problem is that he seems to hate her for no reason at all.

Autumn knows there's something very strange going on, but no one will tell her anything. When she finally does learn the meaning behind what’s been happening – that Holt Roth and Samuel Cheshire are fairies and that she is destined to be a fairy too – her life will change in ways she cannot possibly imagine, and the choices she makes will have the power to destroy lives – including her own.


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Well the idea was good, that is pretty much the only positive thing I can say about this book. I am stumped that this book has so many good reviews…..I really don’t like to give negative feedback, because I know how much sweat, tears and time the author probably put into a book. But sometimes it is just the way it is. I will make it short but to the point. This book was WAY to angsty . I get the point it is a YA book but there are many great YA books out there being great without all the teenage angst. I swear Autumn made tying your shoes angsty . Everything seemed so forced, emotions, actions and reactions, characters and story line all seemed forced together. Which gave the book a kind of monotone feel to it. Also the love triangle just didn’t feel right, not only did it seemed also forced but also angsty . The made the twilight triangle look great. The story, besides being felt forced had some pretty good potholes in it, which just made it even harder to read and follow the story, which sometimes kept jumping back and forth.

Overall I can say that this book was really not for me.


I rate it 1 ½ ★



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