SG - Suicide Game by Haidji

SG - Suicide Game - Haidji




 Eight thousand candidates sign up for the Suicide Game. Only one can win. Their destination: the Night Stadium, a place of makeup and music, fear and adrenaline, blood and romance, celebration and death.

Each candidate has his or her own reason for entering the Game. The Council runs the Game. The outcome of the Game is left to the laps of the gods. The candidates will jump to their deaths in order to win everything, before capacity crowds in the Stadium. The public follows every jump, live on TV and on their mobile screens, choosing their favorite candidates and betting on their lives.

The Game’s community also includes geeks, mafia, makeup artists, master chefs, models, musicians, ordinary workers, spies, terrorists, and many others. SG - Suicide Game is the story of the candidates’ journey. It boldly imagines a place where death and denial are interwoven with hope, choices and the innate desire for happiness. Impressive in the totality of its vision, it is an exploration of the best and worst things in our lives, nightmares and especially, our dreams.



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I won this book a while back and finally got to it. And I’m glad that I did.

I enjoyed this book and it is a crazy concept, as far as the games goes and to see how far people would go to ensure their happiness.

It is an easy to follow book and also very fast paced. It has multiple point of view, we get a view into the council, staff of the game and some of the contestants, which was good to get the whole point of the book.

I enjoyed the individual characters and their backstories, the little we did get.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but a few things I didn’t enjoy so much.

One was that there was very little dialog … which was a bit odd for me and could have helped bit more some info.

Another was that there were a few things repeated over and over, like for example the announcements for the host of the games. Yes, it was good in the beginning but didn’t not have to be repeated in print every five pages. It kind of slowed the flow of reading it.

Also a bit more info about the games itself would have been nice.

That being said I’m glad I read the book, because it makes you think about the status of society and the end was a bit surprising but it could have been carried out a bit much.


I rate it 3 ★


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