Crazy Pucking Love (Taking Shots #3) by Cindi Madsen

 Crazy Pucking Love  - Cindi Madsen





I just met the girl of my dreams. Megan Davenport is funny and smart, and she’s as much of an insomniac as I am. She’s also my team captain’s little sister, which I only found out after our passionate kiss. Megan is completely off-limits—her brother makes that very clear—and I know better than to think I can keep a relationship going during hockey season anyway. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be late-night friends, right? The only problem is, love makes you do crazy things, like breaking all the rules.



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4 ½ ★


It’s no secret that I’m in love with Dane since book two and couldn’t wait to hear his story and see him get his HEA. So needless to say I loved this book…. For the most part. I liked Megan, math genius, quirky, funny, just an overall nerd. I liked that she didn’t back down from him in the beginning and pretty much stood her ground and didn’t take no for an answer. She wanted a fresh start and nothing will stop her and she sticks to it. I also liked her roommate and how that turned out. Maybe we will see her in future book ;) Dane, takes to Megan right away, but once he finds out who she is, he knows he better shouldn’t but it is hard for him to stay away. He struggles with his family and his ex-girlfriend and thinks he is responsible to what happened to her. It takes him a long to open up and so far mainly he and Hudson know what happened. It is pretty clear early on that Dane and Megan are good for each other and bring out the best in each other. They both know it but can’t commit for each different reason and one big in common .. Becket. Overall I loved the book and Dane and Megan’s story and their HEA. The only minor thing I didn’t care for was his sister(s). It just felt weird. Other than that I thought it was great and glad my boy Dane ended up with a great nerdy girl like Megan and both of them are happy. I hope to see a couple more books in the taking shots series.

I rate it 4 ½ ★



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*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!




Will be available November 7th 2016


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