My Kinda Kisses (Summer Sisters #1) by Lacey Black

My Kinda Kisses (Summer Sisters Book 1) - Lacey Black, Sara Eirew




Life never goes as planned. Jaime Summer learned that lesson the hard way when her fiancé wreaked havoc on her carefully constructed life plan. Now, Jaime’s back in her hometown, working at her sister’s flower shop and living with her family once again, swearing off dating and men for the rest of her life. That is, until Ryan Elson walks through the door.

Ryan has been in Jupiter Bay for a year now, and has worked hard to make this new town his home. His construction business is growing and while his personal relationships with the fairer sex are lacking, he’s more content than he’s ever been.He doesn’t need a woman, but a chance meeting with Jaime has Ryan ready to pull out all the stops to have her.

Exhilarating. Intoxicating. Consuming. Ravenous. Passionate.What happens when those kisses lead towards something more? Something that looks a lot like forever.

Note: This book is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.



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OMG I loved this book!!!!!!

Okay now that I got that out the way I can get a bit more into the detail. When I started I wasn’t sure if I would like Jaime or Ryan, but at the third chapter I liked them. A bit more in I fell in love with them both .

Both of them are just so engaging that that makes you feel you right there with them. They funny, loving and caring and sexy. They also balance each other out perfectly.

Speaking of perfect, I like that they not all too prefect it makes them just so much more real.

I’m not a fan of insta love or lust, but done right it just works. That is the case here. They both see each other and just know there is more but it takes a bit ti play out and I also liked that.

Lacey Black also has talent to create great worlds and characters, and not just the main characters. She has a knack, to great all these wonderful side characters that really are so much more than your ordinary side characters, they are just as much of the story and just as important as the main two people. But all without stealing the story. It really is like stepping into a nice bog family.

I really enjoyed each member of the Summer family but I must say that Grandma and Grandpa were my favorite. Not counting Ryan and Jaime of course.

The whole book was just fun to read and had plenty of sexy time along with humor and embarrassing stories about Grandpa and Grandma.

The ending was just perfect and left me all warm and fuzzy inside. I was sad to see it end but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the next book.

Great read and I rate it 4 ½ ★



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*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!






Will be available October 24th 2016


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