Say it Louder (Tattoo Thief) (Volume 4) - Heidi Joy Tretheway




Dave faces an ultimatum—dump his toxic girlfriend Kristina or break up his band Tattoo Thief. But Kristina won’t go quietly. She has enough dirt to ruin each member of the band, and enough on Dave to send him to jail. This stinking, bloody threat has haunted him for years. As Dave hangs in limbo, a new star emerges: Willa, dubbed “The Parking Lot Picasso” by the modern art world. When a magazine feature catapults her to sudden fame, Dave helps her cope with the spotlight when all she’s ever known is the shadows. Life as a runaway jaded Willa, and it leaves her deeply in doubt of her fifteen minutes of fame. Nothing good lasts forever. Especially not love. It seems like everyone wants a piece of Willa now. When their music and art worlds collide, Dave's the one person who isn’t trying to take something from Willa, and who might have something to give. As Dave’s secret is laid bare, a mystery unravels, pointing to his guilt and its dangerous intersection with Willa’s old life on the streets. Both must risk their success and the intense connection to each other to prevent their pasts from defining their future.



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I was super excited when I saw that after almost two years, we finally getting another Tattoo Thief book. Dave’s Story. Each book in the series is a standalone but it doesn’t hurt to have read the other books in the series. And not only because it helps to get to know all the characters and the band buy they all are fantastic and I loved each book in the series. This book of course was no different and I think I so far this was one my favorite books out of all of them ... for now. I pretty much read the book in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed Dave and Willa so much. This book was raw, emotional, sweet and sexy all at once. In the beginning I thought Dave was really whiney and I was super excited when Willa called him out on it. I really enjoyed Dave once he started hanging with Willa and what he became. I LOVED Willa, her backstory and her attitude. Loved them both but together they simply just perfect for each other and balance each other out so perfectly. Dave ways struggling with his past and Kristina, but also with his part in the band, this will be solved in this book and I really liked the outcome. Overall, I really absolutely loved this book and the ending was just beautiful. I may or may not have teared up reading it. I rate this book a full 5 ★ and I can NOT wait to read Ryan’s story Skip a Beat.




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*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!






Will be available September 29, 2016.



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