Tidal Patterns (Golden Shores #1) by Rachelle Paige

Tidal Patterns (Golden Shores Book 1) - Rachelle Paige




Elizabeth Shaw is the preeminent, and only, wedding planner at the historic beach resort on Jekyll Island. She's sure she'll land the newly created role overseeing all major events. Then she’ll get a raise and won't be forced to leave.

Mark Edwards doesn't need any more stress. He's ready to slow down and enjoy the tiny seaside town he calls home. His boss pushes him to apply for the new management position and he agrees. After a decade in catering, he's sure he can do the events job without any trouble.

Neither counted on the other getting in the way.


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I really liked the concept of this story and thought it was a really neat idea and story. It was a sweet romance which can be an ongoing story arc for other characters. I really liked that they were both going for the same goal. If yet for difference reasons but both trued to stay true to themselves. Also liked that while there was instant attraction, there was not the instant lust and sex and it build up to it sweetly. It really fit While I liked most characters and the villain, I however was not a huge fan of the both of the main characters, sadly. Mark, came over as very whiney and feeling sorry for him. Elizabeth was not as bad but also had some flaws, like always over thinking and thinking about what other people think/ While in most books I like the dual POV, in this book it seemed almost too much and with their “inner ”dialog it all seemed very long. They argued with themselves way to much and often like I said, whiney. Sometimes it just seemed like the same stuff over and over. Overall I thought it was a sweet story, but the characters could have used a bit more work and or less in some points. I rate it 3★



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