Presence: Caged by Charity Becker

Presence Caged - Charity Becker




Dark times are ahead for Mina Jewel and those she holds most dear. The return of an old nemesis, impossible creatures stalking the night, and a major threat to every Lycan in Washington State all converge to send Mina spiraling out of control. But that's only the beginning. If Mina can't put the pieces together and solve these mysteries quickly, it won't be only her Lycan comrades that suffer. Presence is in imminent danger, and if Mina fails, it's only a matter of time before the surreptitious organization meets its demise. War is coming, whether Mina is prepared or not. There's no way to save them all, but how will Mina choose who lives and who dies? And can she live with herself after the dust finally settles?


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 I was really nervous starting this book after hearing teasers that we might or might not lose a fan favorite character in this book.  I was thinking that I have a pretty good idea of who it might be going in but the further I got into the book I realized that it is pretty much open season and it could be anyone and anytime. That alone kept me of the edge of my seat the entire book.

Did we lose someone dear to us in this book? I can’t say ! But what I can say that it is a wicked, emotional, scary, gruesome and suspenseful ride through the book.

Never a dull moment and a lot of twists and turns throughout that keep us guessing.

Last we left Mina , she was happy and almost relaxed but that will not last long. She is dragged down the rabbit hole once again, but this time she is not a lone and has someone to keep her grounded and reinsure her. Latrator. He is there for her and reinsures her, when they “naysayer” is working hard to throw her of her game. It was kinda hard to see Mina falling back to her self-doubts and all that but it was good to see that she had someone, telling her otherwise.

An old enemy returns and is after the ones she loves, but Mina first has to figure out who it is that is killing of pack members and is after her and her family.

With Latrator having to deal with health issues and Presence undergoing some really messed up  changes, Mina is almost left alone to deal with it and she is racing the clock trying to safe everyone. But can she save everyone.

There are so many things happening it is hard to mention it all in review without spoilers, but let me tell you it is a wild ride for poor Mina and her clan.

Justice is also acting a little strange and out of character and I’m not sure if I trust him all the way , but then again after seeing Mina receiving a major blow from friends and loved ones I’m not sure if I should trust anyone at this  point .

The ending was a killer cliffhanger and I could not believe it ….. I just wanted to scream.

Overall AWESOME book and I cannot wait for the next one. It was a great thrilling, gory , surprising book.

I rate it at a full 5 ★


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