Fall of the Seven Cities (The Seven Cities Saga #1) by Jay Brenham

Fall of the Seven Cities - Jay Brenham



Perfect for fans of The Remaining and No Easy Hope, this is the first story in an action-packed new series that is impossible to put down!

Matt Hess has failed at almost everything: his real estate career is in shambles, his engagement is over and he’s in debt up to his eyeballs. But his past problems pale in comparison to what he’s about to face—an infection so deadly it takes out a hospital waiting room before his very eyes.

Along with a patrol cop, a maternity ward nurse, and a newborn infant, Matt manages to escape the first wave of infected. But the disease spreads so rapidly that soon the entire city of Virginia Beach is overwhelmed. Now Matt and his companions must figure out who they can trust and fight their way out before they join the ranks of the infected horde.



My thoughts:


This is a novella, it is a great book to get you started in the series.

This is very fast paced book and everything happens fast. People die very early on and keep dying to the end.

The world setting was very detailed and greatly explained but not to the point that it takes over the story or characters.

The characters were also pretty good and relatable, though don’t get too attached to any of them, being it an apocalypse book, we never know who and when we lose them.

Some of the people I of course liked better than others.

There are a few minor things that bothered me but nothing yet to take away from the rating.

Great start to a new series.

I rate it at 3 ½ ★


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*I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!




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