One Year To Forever: Halos & Horns: Book Four - Lori Leger, Joan Granger



One year is nothing compared to forever . . .

Haley Broussard, a pretty little auburn haired beauty from southeast Texas, is full of sauce and determination. She’s determined to win barrel races with her horse, Dakota, to finish college, and never to date a military man. Until recently, she’d spent her entire adult life worrying about her much older brother, a career Marine of twenty years. When a USMC Corporal rescues Haley from a drunken partner in a local club, she experiences a change in attitude, as well as heart.

Louisiana boy, Ben Bonin has never taken his relationship with women seriously. After joining the military at nineteen years old, he’d thought it best not to have a girl waiting on him at home. It was bad enough having his family and friends worrying about him during his first deployment to Afghanistan. One sight of Haley has him thinking otherwise.

Two weeks of nearly constant togetherness, finds the couple facing the heartbreak of his departure. Can Ben survive seven months of dangerous missions to come home to her? And if he does, will she be there waiting for him?

Book includes a secondary storyline involving Haley’s brother, retired Marine Sergeant, Matthew “Tex” Broussard, and the women in his life. This is book four of the Halos & Horns series, set in Louisiana with protagonists characters from Louisiana and Texas.



My thoughts:


This book was rather unique to me, being that the main couple is not actually together for most of the book.

It starts out with Haley and Ben meeting at a bar, they hit it off and feel that there is something special between them right away.

But Ben has only two more weeks left before he has to leave for his tour in Afghanistan. They end up spending those two weeks together and get to know each other much better.

All of that is only the first couple chapters, the rest is how both of them dealing with the year of separation, her at home worrying about him and him being deployed in Afghanistan.


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