Bone Dry (Soul Shamans, #1) by Cady Vance

Bone Dry (Soul Shamans, #1) - Cady Vance



Sometimes it isn’t as easy as choosing right or wrong.

Sixteen-year-old Holly Bennett is a comic book nerd, a con artist, and a shaman. Most days Holly wishes she could trade in her power of spirit communication for something more useful–like fireballs or Wolverine claws. She knows spirits aren’t exactly Casper the Friendly Ghosts. They’re dangerous beings from Lower World who snack on human life, and messing with the magic from their world is an express ticket to big trouble. But when a shaman sticks her mom’s mind between their world and ours, Holly becomes the unexpected breadwinner in the family. She uses her burgeoning shaman powers to set up fake hauntings and “banish” the so-called ghosts from her wealthy classmates’ bedrooms. For a fee, of course.

When actual spirits start manifesting, Holly discovers that other shamans have come to town, summoning life-sucking spirits for their own ends. And the newcomers may just hold the clue Holly’s been looking for–the one that can release her mom’s mind from its Lower World prison. With the help of both a cute web comic artist and her partner-in-con, Holly plots to take them down, throwing her into a whirlwind of speedboat getaways, breaking and entering, and astral projections into the spirit world. And as her mom’s mind slips further away, Holly has to fight to save her, and the rest of the town, before they get sucked into Lower World permanently.


My thoughts:


When I read the synopsis I thought, wow that sounds interesting and I wasn’t wrong.

I really enjoyed this book, it had a good pace, action, humor and romance. Everything I enjoy in a good book.

I really liked Holly, she is smart, witty, strong and doesn’t back down, on top she loves comic books. Sometimes I felt a little sad for her, of what all she has to endure and go through with her mom. But she is feisty.


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