Guarding His Heart by Annie Seaton

Guarding His Heart (Half Moon Bay #3) - Annie Seaton



Some people get under your skin.

Some get into your heart.

Bestselling author Liam Wyndham needed an escape, and Half Moon Bay, with its small town charm and beautiful ocean, is the perfect place to hide out from the scandal surrounding his estranged dead wife. A place where he can enjoy his writer's block in sweet isolation. But all of his plans to become a surly recluse disappear when carpenter Georgie Sacchi marches into his house…

Georgie wants an adventure, and she has a plane ticket that promises her everything she needs—excitement, independence, and a way to escape the memory of her last ruined relationship. Still, she has one last job to complete before she can leave the country. The last thing she needs is a recalcitrant author with a gorgeous face (and a hot body) distracting her from her plans.

But life doesn't always give you what you think you need…



My thoughts:


 This was a fun and quick (for me) read. I really enjoyed this book, the setting and the characters.

I really liked Liam; he is a very likeable and relatable character. Even with the past, he never gives up.


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