Curran POV Collection - Gordon Andrews

This is a wonderful collection of short stories out from Curran’s POV .

It starts at Magic Bites in Unicorn Lane when he first meets Kate and ends with AWAKE, which happens at the end of Magic Bleeds.

Overall I thought it was a fun quick read and very interesting to get Curran’s POV.

If you had any doubts about his attentions for Kate, they will all fall away after you read this.

It gives you a good idea about how much Kate really means to him and how truly powerful he really his.

I highly recommend you don’t read this before Magic Bleeds or you will be spoiled of some events taking place there, but if you don’t care about spoilers you can read it anytime .

Overall, I thought it was highly entertaining but some of it just missed Kate in some way.

I rate it at 4★





You can download it for free on their website here: