Presence: August Heat by Charity Becker

Presence: August Heat - Charity Becker



Following an anonymous tip left at her office, Mina Jewel begins investigating a bizarre string of random murders. When she finds herself under “The Surgeon’s” blades, she realizes there’s nothing random about the murders at all, and the crazed serial killer has bigger plans for Port Orchard, Washington.

Between a suffocating heatwave, her volatile dealings with Justice, and a difficult physical recovery, Mina’s gifts are going haywire. Without help, she’s afraid she’ll lose control and her Fury will burn everything in its path.

But there’s no time for recovery or fixing her personal problems. When the Surgeon targets Mina’s pack mates, a disturbing pattern begins to emerge. For their safety, the pack is sent away, and it’s up to Mina to stop the killer alone.

Just when she thinks she’s figured it out, her investigation takes her down a path she never imagined possible. A path leading to betrayal, cover-ups, and another piece of the puzzle of her traumatic childhood.


My thoughts:


I think this was my favorite book in the series so far.

I thought it had a somewhat different feel to it than the previous books. We don’t get to see so much of Presence or Justice in this book. Mina leaves Washington for a trip. We get a lot more about her pack and Jacob Latrator.  Believe it or not but Mina actually has a few great and happy moments in this book, not that it lasts but still.


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