Anyone heard anything about this book ?



I got this as a gift on amazon from the author I guess. I cant seem to find it on Goodreads or here . I guess, I’m always a bit leery when I get a book from author I don’t know out of the blue :P 

just wondering if anyone else got one and or hear or read about this book? It doesn’t have any reviews on amazon either . I probably will read it, but was just curios if anyone heard any thing about it before ;)

Here is the cover and the Synopsis I could find on Amazon.




There are strangers among us.

In the desolate tourist town of Clarksville, Missouri no one believes the fanciful Legend of the Firebird. Yes, the tourist shops beneath the cave riddled cliffs sell glass wings and feathery jewelry, and the amusement park exhibits Firebird fossils, and the town’s plaque reads that the first family was abducted by a sky full of monsters … but it’s a fairytale.

Ever Robins has caused quite a stir in the sleepy little town. The new, sixteen year old, beauty at Fort Valley High is on everyone’s radar, especially David Finch’s. Something about her feels familiar, yet mysterious.

David chases after Ever relentlessly. Ever’s attempts to keep David away are flimsy and within a span of only three days, he knows that she is hiding a terrible secret and what’s more—she’s dangerous. But for him, she wants to be good.

Unfortunately, the abductions have started up again.

Paranormal Romance – Fallen Angels + Firebird Ballet + The Mysterious Stranger



Here is the link to Amazon as well:


*****Never mind I found it on here :P lol but still not on GR maybe I need to look again