So maybe

I should check the book size before requesting ARCs lol. I was getting my ARCs ready for September and didn't plan on getting much since I'm also waiting for Kim Harrison's last book of the Hallows coming out September 9th. So I selected  one form Entangled , and two from NG , that will leave plenty of room to also read what ever I already have and want. 

But than I looked at the pages number on the one book and its 672 pages ..ooops. I don't mind long books at all , I love them , but if I would have checked before hand I would have only gotten one lol... Oh well lucky me it it doesn't come out until October so I got plenty of time and I could actually wait and keep it as a October read ;) 

Well lesson learned , check the pages number before requesting books lol .



Anyways, I finally finished "The Giver" and should be writing a review soon here. Took me a little longer , was playing a game lol. 


Hope you all doing well and happy reading everyone :)