Betting on Julia (Melville Sisters #2) by Nina Croft

Betting on Julia (A Melville Sisters Novel) - Nina Croft




Small, blonde, bubbly, and with a penchant for all things pink, Julia Melville has always considered herself a nice girl – until she was attacked by a werewolf. Months later, and still in total denial, Julia spends the time between full moons fantasizing that her life is normal. And who could be better to help her with that than her new neighbor, handsome accountant, Sebastian Crane.

For two hundred years, Sebastian, a powerful warlock, has been possessed by a demon. Each day, his soul grows darker, and he knows that soon he will be beyond salvation. But the demon loves to gamble, and he’s made Bastian one final bet—get a good woman to say the words “I love you” and he’ll be free.

Julia wants a normal guy. Bastian needs a good woman. Maybe together they can find something far more valuable…redemption.


My thoughts:


The blurb sounded interesting so I picked it as a ARC. Though when I started I wasn’t sure if I really like it. I found it a little difficult to connect to the characters. But that could have been due the fact that they did nothing than lie to each other. Because neither of them wanted to know the other person what they are.

It also felt a little flat at some points but it picked up. While I was not a fan of either of the characters, I did end up liking the story. While the end was predictable it was still very nicely written and I enjoyed it.

Overall the book kept me engaged enough to give it a 3 ½ ★ rating.



*I received a free ARC copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you



Will be available August 25th 2014