I'm back

sort of .....

maybe some of you noticed I was absence for a few days, that was thanks to a severe case of salmonella poisoning :( Yeah , not so much fun and I wish I could say I was on a nice holiday and smelled flowers but not so much.

We have no idea where I got it from , since I was the only one in the family who had it, which was OK for me, I rather have it than let my kids suffer with that. Anywho, there is also no outbreak around here,so really we have no idea where I caught it. 

Anyways feeling better now and thankful it is over , I hope there is no next time but if there is , I will go to the Dr soon to get me some IVs and fluids in me :p 

But I didnt get much to read, well I was laying down a lot but I really did not feel like reading a lot but that was OK too. I will catch up. 

Though I did finally read Divergent, ( yes , I know I'm late on that but oh well) I liked it a lot  and much better and detailed than the movie of course. I hope I get a review out soon.

I still have some catching up to do in real life and getting the kids ready to school  next week:) YAY 

Anyways hope you all doing great and I will try to catch up with everyone :) 

Happy reading