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Freeing Her




Freeing Her Synopsis:


• This novel contains mature content and it not intended for younger readers.


This is the beginning of a story... the story of two people who were meant to be together. Why? Because unknown to them, they shared terrifying pasts and the cruel circumstances of their births doomed both of them to a life of hell.

Two strangers ... one night ... one accidental meeting that changed their lives forever.

Gabriella Martinelli, Manhattan psychiatrist had only one goal in life—to help abuse victims avoid the horrors she’d experienced herself. She worked late, volunteered, and donated her services to anyone who needed them. Life was good ... until her nightmare resurfaced. He found her, and began stalking her, and she knew he wouldn’t stop until he destroyed every ragged piece of her.

Kolson Hart, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, was ruled by his dark past. He liked control, from the boardroom to the bedroom and didn’t care to be involved with someone whose life was just as screwed up as his was. But one look at Gabriella short-circuited everything. Want ... desire ... need ... will sometimes drive a man to do things he swore he never would.

He freed her from a life of fear ... When he couldn’t even save himself.





The minute he saw her, his dick turned to granite and tried to pop through his damn jeans.
Fuck. Does she always look like this in the morning?
Her deep brunette hair had escaped from the messy bun and fanned out across the pillow. The pencil skirt she wore was bunched up around her waist, showing of a damn nice set of legs, not to mention a black lacy thong. She was lying on her side, one leg bent at an angle the other straight, and Kolson had all kinds of scenarios running through his mind at what he could do to her like that. All he’d have to do would be lift that leg and slip in behind her. Goddamn, his hand was rubbing his dick and he hadn’t even realized it.
His second mistake came when his eyes traveled up to her breasts, which he couldn’t even see. But her blouse was twisted up, showing a strip of creamy skin that he wanted to lick. And her cleavage. Oh God, he wanted to put his lips on it and suck. And that was even before he got to her mouth. Lips parted ever so slightly, he could only imagine how they would feel around his rock-hard dick.
That was it. He spun around and got the hell out of there. Before he came in his jeans. What the fuck was wrong with him? His tastes usually ran to the extreme. Not to what was lying in the guest room.
After he paced the hallway a few times, he knew he must wake her. This time, instead of being quiet, he marched back in and said, “Hey. Time to get up!”
She rolled back and forth a bit. But that was it.
“Gabby. You need to get up. Now!”
“Huh? What?” She rolled over and groaned. “Oh God, my head.”
“Yep. I tried to warn you.”
“Last night. I tried to dissuade you from drinking.”
She turned her head and looked at Kolson, squinting. “Um, who’re you?”
“Yeah. You don’t remember me?”
“Uh, give me a minute. My head’s exploding right now.”
Gabby’s head felt like a thousand jackhammers were trying to outdo each other. And her mouth tasted like an animal had urinated in it. Not that an animal had ever urinated in her mouth before but still ...
Kolson handed her a glass of juice. “Here. This may help.”
“Uh, thanks.”
She guzzled it. “I’m so thirsty.”
“I wouldn’t have guessed.”
She lay back down and massaged her temples. She hadn’t even noticed her state of dress … or undress, as it were.
“Do you work?” Kolson asked.
“Of course I work. What kind of question is that?” She groaned again.
“A legitimate one. Many people don’t work. You could be independently wealthy.”
Gabby tried to laugh, but failed. “That’s funny.”
“What time?”
“Work? What time do you have to be there?” he snapped.
“Oh. I don’t know. I have to check my schedule,” Gabby replied.
“Then Gabby, I suggest you do so.”
She looked up at him and saw him for the first time. Even in her hungover state, there was no mistaking the man who stood before her. Tall and beautiful. Faded blond hair, cropped a bit closer on the sides but longer on the top, with a sculpted face that was something you’d see on a magazine cover. Not the pretty kind of face you often saw, but a rugged one with flaws that was much sexier because of them. Compelling was the word that came to mind.
“Who are you?” She was totally confused.
He looked at her and his lips curved into a smile emphasizing a scar that ran from his bottom lip to his chin. Oddly enough, it only made him more attractive. And his eyes. Arresting. An odd mixture of colors, she couldn’t quite figure them out. But they looked to be charcoal on the outside, forest green in the center and chestnut brown closest to the pupil. Strange, yet stunning.
“I told you. I’m Skippy.”
Her weak attempt at laughing failed again. “Right.” God, she thought, if only her head would stop throbbing, maybe she could think. She lifted herself up to her elbows and nearly died. A wave of dizziness smacked her in the cranium and she collapsed back on the bed.
“You okay?”
She groaned. “Hell no, I’m not okay. I have an epic hangover.”
“I tried to warn you. Repeatedly. Hang tight a sec.”
Like I’m going somewhere?
He came back and said, “Here. Take these and drink.” He handed her some pills and a glass of water.
“What is it?”
“Ibuprofen. Go on.”
She downed it and then she caught her state of dress.
“Holy shit!” She scrambled to cover herself.
“Don’t you think it’s a little late for that?”
“No! I can’t believe you let me lie here like this.”
“And what precisely did you expect me to do?”
“Cover me up! I’m half naked!”
“I know that. And damn enticing.”



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About A.M. Hargrove 



One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, A. M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn't do something soon, it would quickly be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life. So, she rolled down the passenger window of her fabulous (not) company car and tossed out her leather briefcase. Luckily, the pedestrian in the direct line of fire was a dodge ball pro and had über quick reflexes enabling him to avoid getting bashed in the head. Feeling a tad guilty about the near miss, A. M. made a speedy turn down a deserted side street before tossing her crummy, outdated piece-of-you-know-what lap top out the window. She breathed a liberating sigh of relief, picked up her cell phone, called her boss and quit her job. Grinning, she made another call to her hubs and told him of her new adventure (after making sure his heart was beating properly again).

So began A. M. Hargrove's career as a YA/NA and Adult Romance writer. Her books include Kissing Fire, Edge of Disaster, Shattered Edge, the series the Guardians of Vesturon (Survival, Resurrection, Determinant, Beginnings and reEmergent), Dark Waltz, Tragically Flawed, Tragic Desires, and Exquisite Betrayal.

Other than being in love with being in love, she loves chocolate, ice cream and coffee and is positive they should be added as part of the USDA food groups.

(If you're wondering, it didn't happen EXACTLY that way, but….)

You can also find her on Goodreads as Emerson St. Clair. Her novella series, Dirty Nights, is available and those are a little dark, a little erotic and a lot sexy!


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