Harp's Song (Harp's Song #1) by Cassie Shine

Harp's Song (#1) - Cassie Shine



In just a few months Harp Evans will be officially coming of age and graduating from high school. She will be free from the mother that never wanted her, the house that never felt like home, and the disappointment of the last seventeen years. What she doesn’t know is that her mother has been holding onto a secret that has the potential to derail her dreams and destroy her already faulty sense of self.

A self-proclaimed recluse, Harp spends most of her time practicing the cello, in the hopes of earning a full scholarship that will grant her freedom, but will also send her away from her best friend Connor Williams, who is becoming more than just a friend.

As revelations are made, will Harp still feel the same way about leaving everyone that cares about her behind? Or will she continue to pursue the life she’s been dreaming of, for as long as she can remember?




My thoughts:


This was a pretty heartbreaking and emotional book. I was in tears a lot I with this book.

This book also was a real page turner; it sucked me in so much I read this book (and the 2nd) in one sitting.

I couldn’t help to feel sad and sorry for Harp and her life, nobody deserves to be treated so badly and especially no kid by his own mother. He mother abused her emotionally and sometimes physically. It was hard to read and I got really angry at her mother. When it comes out later in the book why her mother is the way she is , it doesn’t make it any better. No matter what she had no right to treat Harp that way, no matter what.  There was one thing in the story I thought that was like a reason for them to fix their mother-daughter relationship I did not really agree on. It felt kind of forced to me. Also, when she meets Alex, that all seemed a little to set up I thought.

I really love the relationship between Harp and Connor. He is there for her no matter what. But also tries to get Harp to open up to people and not shove those bad things away.

Harp, herself is a pretty strong character, who continues to grow. Though, there are times she makes a few steps back instead of forward.

Overall I can rate this book at 4 ★and really recommend reading it, but keep the tissues ready.



*I received a free ARC copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!



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