The Firefighter's Appeal - Elizabeth  Otto



Lily Ashden is finally ready to have fun again. It's been a year since she survived a deadly house fire, and she wants to celebrate being alive. Enter Garrett Mateo--gorgeous, funny and extremely capable of arousing her flirtatious side. He would be perfect...if only he wasn't a firefighter. After what happened to her, she refuses to consider him.


Too bad Garrett is suddenly everywhere, tempting her to look beyond his job. His charm proves irresistible, and Lily lets herself fall...until she learns his devastating secret. Now she must decide if her future happiness depends on giving him another chance...







My thoughts:


This was a very enjoyable read.

A wonderful story about loss, grieve, love, learning to accept and letting go the past and starting over again all with some humor mixed in.

It was a good mix of heartbreak, humor, action and sexy time all very nicely balanced.

There were a few parts that seemed a little drawn out and could have been shorter but most of the book was great and felt smooth. I really enjoyed both Garrett and Lily.

Both of them had their fair share of heartbreak in life and must live with it and doing their best they can. It was easy to feel for both of them. Though there were moments when I just wanted to take one of them and shake them.

Garrett is funny and cocky but no match for Lily who puts him back in his place easily.

The last quarter if the book just had me on edge the entire time and made me stay up way past my bed time.

Overall I really like this book and give it 4 ½★



Favorite Quotes:


“So, you’re a golden boy from paradise, You care for your ailing uncle, you cook ---wonderfully , I might add--- and you come running when someone yells,” Fire”  “


“Maybe he’s dying from some horrible bastard-killing disease and he’s coming to throw himself at your feet and beg for forgiveness.”


“We need to have a serious talk about your manners, MS. Ashden. Making snorting sounds in public is unprofessional.”





*I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!





Available Aug 01, 2014