Tarot: The Magician By Tim Kane

Tarot: The Magician - Tim     Kane



After discovering an ancient tarot deck, Kassandra Troy's life takes a thrilling and frightening turn. She triggers The Magician card and releases the mysterious and captivating Luke Rykell.

Luke has a dark secret. He wants the magical deck for himself. To save herself and her friends, Kassandra is forced to journey into the Tarot cards. But can she find a way out of the deck unscathed or will the darkness which follows her destroy them all.


My thoughts:


This was one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of book. Looking at the cover I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised by the book.

I liked this fast paced book full of action and heartbreak and its characters.   

I liked that this book touches sensitive subjects like suicide, cutting and bullying and more.

I liked Kassandra and that she is very observant but sometimes it took her a while to catch on to things, which seemed kind of odd. But I also like that she was flawed and not perfect and had to fight her battles. I really liked her Aunt Jo and wish there would have been more of her. The same goes for Gabriel. Luke was your typical cunning villain. 

There were only a few minor things I disliked…. For one that she had all those “nicknames” for people , like Mrs. Beehive,browless one or book girl, after at least a week  she should have known their names at least a few. That kind of bothered me .Also the ending, it could have been more closed I guess. There was a bit to much left open unless there are plans for another one. At least that was my thought on that.

Overall I liked the book much more than I thought I would and give it 3 ½ ★






*I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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