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If you like Elizabeth Otto , you should check out her fun group page she has on Facebook


"The E Team"



Here is the pinned welcome post ti the group , just so you know what it is about before you join ;) 



Welcome and thank you for being a part of my street team! Here are the kinda-sorta rules, LINKS, and stuff. 

**Please note** Anything that is posted in this group must stay within the group. There, at times, may be sensitive information posted or advance announcements about books and such. I will mark sensitive information as such, and you all promise to keep it within the group. 

Fun duties:
*Read and post honest reviews of my books on Goodreads, Amazon and B&N.
*Help promo my books in discussions, but sharing memes or teaser pics and more on Facebook, groups, etc.
*Vote for my books, as appropriate and as you feel comfortable, in contests.


*Help me keep my sanity while I write. 


In return, you get:
*My undying love and gratitude
*Hot men pics of your choice. 
*Advance reader copies of my books, and from my fav authors!

Feel free to open discussions, ask questions, post pics, chat, have fun...whatever! As always, respect for others is key. And, if you'd like to discuss books (I LOVE a great book discussion) please post whether or not your post contains spoilers.



I'm there and I joined after I read One Night with a cowboy ,I'm just there for the fun and the pics ;) You can do as much or as little or nothing as you want :) 


If you want join she is always looking for readers ;) 



The E Team