Paragraphs People, Paragraphs

I started my day by seeing my feed being full of long posts without paragraphs. And as many of us (I am pretty sure) I too rather masturbate my eyeball with a spoon than read messy, non paragraphs posts, which is why I thought I would mention a way to fix this.


It seems it might (or might not be) because BL has changed some stuff around here, and this knowledge came from the post of SilverThistle (her post is now fixed):


And in the comment section a lovely member Ungh... Arrr... Books! mentions a way to make it right:


I think they fixed the format bar (shows up for me in Chrome, Firefox and IE). If you still aren't seeing the bar, try doing a hard refresh by pressing ctrl+f5. The bar looks a little different but as far as I can tell it still has the same options, just different buttons/icons.


My posts are working correctly so I can't test this one out, but whoever has the problem, feel free to test it out. I am running out of clean spoons to use. 


Ps. I take my words back because it ain't working for me either in other areas. Different day, different problems. Once again.


Problem one: My quote color has changed in my actual blog from pink to grey, which is pretty awful against black background.


Problem two: I was not able to change font etc. back to how it should be after the quote, which is again pretty awful when looking at my actual blog.


Problem three: Inserting a link was copy/paste but now it is a must to do with the insert/edit link to make it workable.