Cinderella's Dress By Shonna Slayton

Cinderella's Dress (Entangled Teen) - Shonna Slayton



Being seventeen during World War II is tough. Finding out you’re the next keeper of the real Cinderella’s dresses is even tougher.
Kate simply wants to create window displays at the department store where she's working, trying to help out with the war effort. But when long-lost relatives from Poland arrive with a steamer trunk they claim holds the Cinderella’s dresses, life gets complicated.
Now, with a father missing in action, her new sweetheart, Johnny, stuck in the middle of battle, and her great aunt losing her wits, Kate has to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.
After all, the descendants of the wicked stepsisters will stop at nothing to get what they think they deserve.



My thoughts:


This is a nice coming of age story set at the end of World War 2 and after.

I liked the story a lot and would have loved it if it would have not been about the dress. Yes, the dress is the main story or supposed to but really most of the everything with the dress is over half way through the book.

I LOVED Kate’s story, her life and how she deals with everything, living during war and making it. Her mother who seems to like to live her dream through her daughter. How Kate meets and gets to know relatives coming from Poland during the war. She finds a boy who then has to go serve in the War . And how she dreams to work in a job only men work.  I loved her strong character who doesn’t give up easily.

All of those things were beautiful and I enjoyed them a lot but I really could have lived without the story of the Cinderella dress, it became to much about the dress and less about the characters.

I loved all the characters they were well written and easy to relate to.

I Give this story only 3 ½★ but think it could have been easily 5★ if not for the dress taking over the story. 





*Received as a free arc copy from the publisher  in exchange for an honest review. Thank you