The Light of His Sword by Alaina Stanford

The Light of His Sword - Alaina Stanford



Demon worship calls for sacrifice. It's Gabe's job to stop it. Alyssa escapes with her little girl from the clutches of the cult leader Walton. She races off into the night determined to keep her daughter from becoming his next victim. As Walton pursues her, Alyssa meets a handsome truck driver named Gabe, who is the most beautiful man she's even seen. His courage and selfless kindness sends ripples of emotion throughout Alyssa's petite form. Emotions she's never felt before. But will his courage be enough to protect her from the evil that pursues her?


My thoughts:


Let me start out with saying this book is not for the faint hearted. If you have problems reading about abuse, child abuse and rape that you might want to read this book with caution, all those topics are in the story.

It starts out pretty dark, touching those things above. But the book is also about hope and second chances, not giving up.

The eternal battle between good and evil plays out in this fairly short book. Alyssa, who is already running from the evil compound leaders, keeps running into them and has to fight them off. But she could not do it without Gabe. Of course they fall in love, but it is not as easy at that, can heaven or hell keep them apart??

I enjoyed this book, even though it had some pretty cruel and dark things in it. I just thing they could have been a little more, maybe another 100 pages so it wouldn't seem so rushed at some points.


I give this book 3 ½ ★