Fans Of Paranormal/Horror And Fantasy Will Love These Books

Presence: Awakening - Charity Becker Presence: Wolf Moon - Charity Becker Presence: Smoke and Fire - Charity Becker Presence: Into the Dark - Charity Becker

I read this series a while back and I can tell you,that I LOVED it. These are some great books if you like paranormal/fantasy/horror type book.

From the first page the story sucked me in and I could't put it down.

There are so many surprises and twists and turns that keep you asking for more. Every time you think you figured something out,everything changes. The charters are very well written and you just have to love or in some cases hate them. 


Here is the synopsis for the first book Presence Awakening: 


 Mina Jewel swears the boogeyman slaughtered her abusive stepfather. But as far as the quiet town of Port Orchard, Washington is concerned, Mina is a cold-blooded killer and Cadric Jaden had been a saint. After enduring nine years of psychiatric care and whispers of her guilt, Mina is hell-bent on clearing her name, exposing Cadric for the sadistic pedophile he really was, and uncovering the true identity of the strange being who saved her life.... See More Through a whirlwind of near-death experiences and sanity- shattering revelations, Mina discovers that Washington is a hotbed of supernatural activity, Cadric's sinister plan didn't die with him, and that she could hold the key to ending the suffering of millions. . . But first she has to survive


I only put the synopsis of the first book, to not spoil the other three. But all four will blow your mind:




I know she has number 5 coming out but no date is set yet, you can get the current 4 books and more for only $0.99 here, They also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble 

Or check out her site here

I hope you give it a try and will love them just as much as I did