A Cowboy Never Quits - Cindi Madsen



These hardworking cowboys give everyone a second chance...

When single mom Jessica Cook is at the end of her rope, she takes her 16-year-old daughter to Turn Around Ranch. The ranch has a great reputation for teen therapy, and Jessica prays there's room there for her and Chloe. Wade Dawson's first priority is to keep the ranch afloat to help teens and their families. But he can't seem to keep his boundaries when it comes to Jessica—she's talked her way into a job on the ranch so she can stay near her daughter and her tenacity and courage are truly impressive. Not to mention she's a natural beauty and sparks fly whenever he's in her vicinity. But as one crisis after another befalls the ranch, Wade is going to have to decide whether he can afford to let a woman get under his skin... 





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Cindi Madsen has become my auto-buy author a long time again and this book again proofs why. I read the entire book in one sitting, because I didn’t want to miss a single minute with these characters.

I loved everything about this book, the story, the setting, the humor and romance but most of all the characters. Cindi Madsen is a master in creating realistic, down to earth, likable characters that you can’t help falling for. Whether it is the what seems like at first grumpy but hot cowboy, with a heart of gold or the funny single mom who can really use a break and works as a cook but really can’t cook.

I really enjoyed them both and the chemistry between Jessica and Wade was of the charts from the beginning.

I loved not only the growing romance but also all the friendships that were being build. And to see how much each character grew in their own way and at their own pace.

Overall, another awesome book with romance, humor and friendships. I can only highly recommend, but not only this book but all books by this author.

I rate it full 5 ★








Will be available December 31st 2019

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