Day of Doom- Done -Update

Thank you all for the well wishes, it meant the world to me :) 

It is done !!! Done, done, done !! Thank heavens . 

The procedure itself went better than expected but the recovery not so much.
My body couldn't handle the pain meds and I started to get really dizzy all the time but worse when I sat or stood up. Headache and nausea non stop. Nothing and no medicine they gave me counter acted and I just had to ride it out. Which made the 3 hours round drive so NOT fun  at all. 

But I made it though the weekend and feeling better, I finally can close my mouth, I couldn't for most the time since the swelling was so bad, I'm still swollen in places but by far bit as bad, the pain is manageable, which is good. 

I'm still not reading and might wait  couple more days because I don't think I will absorb all that much , In the mean time while I was not super sick I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 again :) 


Again Thank YOU for all the well wishes, hope everyone is doing great and reading some great books.