My Day of Doom

As most of you know I had some oral surgeries a couple months back. 

Well its time for the third and hopefully last one on Wednesday :(  This one will be the biggest one, but hopefully the last as I said. 

That being said I'm not sure how much I will be online starting Wednesday, I may be lurking to take my mind of the pain but I probably wont be posting much . Everything that has to go live is already scheduled ], even my wrap-up for June :/ 

I'm hoping for a fast recovery and fast return but one never knows.  The first time I had a terrible reaction to the pain meds . The second time they gave me nothing and I had to take ibuprofen and Tylenol, which didn't do much and I was in a lot of pain, I'm hoping the third time is a charm and we can find a middle ground.

On the bright site , I should be done after this and maybe even lose a couple pounds , since I wont be eating much or semi solids for at least two weeks . 


In any case I hope it goes by fast since I really love food and hate pain :P 
I'm a baby when it comes to anything relates to teeth or mouth/facial pain. 

I be back soon and will miss you guys for the time being :)