Not cool

So Boklikes was running fine for abut a week and all went down hill again from there.

The one week it was running it was like old times ... lots of action on the site, people coming back and liking and commenting on stuff. It was like the old times. 


Now it back to the slow and really annoyingly dead Booklikes, More and more people are leaving and I can not blame them. I'm very patient person, No really I'am but this is even driving me to soon leave. Which also makes me sad because I really like the people and the community Booklikes once was. But lets face it , It is dyeing a bit more with each passing day it is not working right . And that is now almost every day.

I understand that it can not be fixed in one day but it has been going on for weeks again now and we always just hear the same response. That they are sorry and they will fixing it and to be please patient. It was working fine for a week and why did it crash again , if it is using to much stuff maybe they should start weeding out all the OBVIOUS fake spammer accounts or accounts that have been created more than 2 years and still have no books or updates on them . 

Any who

I'm not sure who much updating on my reads I will be doing here the next couple day, Because it took me 38 Min to update 4 books from planning to read to reading and that is way to long and sad  :( 


If you have not yet done so you can find me on GR here:


Or my blog here:



I hope to see you there and hopefully Booklikes will be up and running again soon. 



Peace out my friends :)