Christmas is over


thank the universe. 


Ugh I see Boooklikes is super slow again but I give posting a try anyways, I mean what are a few popped blood vessels because of it lol.


Anyways I did have a rather pleasant Christmas. Spent some of it with the in laws, the rest just us and the kids slumming it and relaxing more or less.... oh and lets not forget the mountains of food we consumed.


Here are some the books the hubby got me :) All but the Rachel Morgan books were on my TBR . He got of recommendations from Amazon and GR to get them. So we shall see. it does look like something I would read, plus the covers are pretty :) 


Now I just need to hurry up and finish all my ARCs and some new releases in January and get to them :) 


Hope you all having a great day and wishing you all a great 2017