Phil! A Hilarious Account of Everything by R.P. Momsen

Phil!: A hilarious account of everything - Mr R P Momsen




Billions of years ago, our universe was born. Not really that terribly exciting for most life forms except of course yourselves… and, well, Phil. The poor bastard who’s had to watch over all you people the last billion or so years.

Well, finally after years of listening to all your griping, bitching and whining, always with some imaginary being getting all the credit, he’s finally had it!

Phil has decided to explain what the world is, why you’re here and how you can evolve finally into a species worth talking about at parties.

In this hilarious actual account, Phil takes two unwitting Physicists on the adventure of their lives, which isn’t saying much for a couple of physicists, and shows them what life, the universe, and lovely little corner pubs really is all about. They’re transported to other dimensions to meet their better-looking selves, get taken prisoner by an evil but very good looking race, fly through black holes and help the creation of a new planet all while their greatest challenge hangs in the balance, saving earth from the evil, and best dressed, species the universe has ever seen.

Will they save earth? Have all the years of hard work Phil has done creating you beings be lost? Does any of this really matter?


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Going into this book I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but turns out I really enjoyed this book.

It was short (for me) and super funny.

Phil, creator and over-watch of us little humans, tells us what he really thinks of us and our behavior and actions.

Phil is just plain hilarious, as he retells important events on earth and his input in our doing.

This is kind of a difficult book to review as it is rather short and I don’t want to giveaway anything.

So I just make it short.

Super funny with plenty of loud out loud moments, it is well written and easy to follow.

Has also quite a few pop culture references in it.

Overall I highly recommend this funny little book if you looking for a good laugh.

I rate it 4 ½ ★


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*I received a free copy from the publisher and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!






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