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We finally have a pre-order link for Charity Becker's sixth book in the Presence series.

I'm so excited to finally soon get my hands on this book :)


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Now I present to you Presence: Caged, if you have not read the series and you are a fan of horror and paranormal fiction I highly recommend it ;) 






Dark times are ahead for Mina Jewel and those she holds most dear. The return of an old nemesis, impossible creatures stalking the night, and a major threat to every Lycan in Washington State all converge to send Mina spiraling out of control. But that's only the beginning. If Mina can't put the pieces together and solve these mysteries quickly, it won't be only her Lycan comrades that suffer. Presence is in imminent danger, and if Mina fails, it's only a matter of time before the surreptitious organization meets its demise. War is coming, whether Mina is prepared or not. There's no way to save them all, but how will Mina choose who lives and who dies? And can she live with herself after the dust finally settles?





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As a domestic violence survivor, Charity uses her past as fuel for her fiction, creating strong characters who overcome great odds to learn, grow, and evolve past their own pain. In her non-fiction, Charity is straight-forward and no-nonsense, giving the facts (and her opinions) with no apologies.

Bibliography:Presence: Awakening, Presence: Wolf Moon, Presence: Smoke and Fire, Presence: Into the Dark ,Blyssfully Abnormal, Bird's Town Presents: Chick Rebuilds, Brother Toad and the Giants, The Pit Monthly, theDon't Sweat series, The Pantheon Cycle: Shrouded Aspect by Gilligames (video game storyline), projects for Nekki (video games), and various ghost writing gigs.

Besides writing, Charity is also a professional editor, as well as an accomplished artist and musician. See her stuff at or chat on Charity Becker's Facebook

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