Beyond the Veil: Book One by Charity Becker

Beyond the Veil: Book One - Charity Becker




When the dark riders come, death always follows. There is no escape, for they have no mercy. For thousands of years, this has been the only truth for the people of Ahwn. However, the soldiers of Brynn have not given up. The prophecies tell of a great journey across the world and through the Sleeping Grounds, a land of magic and mystery from which no one has ever returned. The prize: a legendary weapon of immeasurable power. The only weapon strong enough to tip the scales in their centuries-long war. Whoever wields the weapon first, wins.

But countless lives have been lost in the search, because the final key was never found. . . until now.

When the dark riders raid her peaceful village, slaughter her family, and enslave her, Lilly, a sheltered young woman who knows nothing of the outside world, must fight for her life. Amid lies and deceit, death and magic, Lilly must pick a champion, knowing that if she chooses wrong, Ahwn will pay the ultimate price.


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4 ½ ★

I bought this book when it first come out, being a fan of Charity Becker’s other books, I just had to have it. But unfortunately I didn’t get to it till just now and now that I read it I wish I would have gotten to it earlier. I really enjoyed this book, although it took me a couple pages to get into the world setting of the book, which by the way is really good and well described. The same goes for all the characters in the book. I really enjoyed Lilly and thought she is nicely balanced, just the right amount of fear but yet brave, She is smart and learns quick and I don’t really recall any TSTL moments she had, so that is a plus . She really adepts fast of the new world around her. The books kept me clued to the pages from the first page up all the way to the last one. I had a hard time putting it down. It has a little of everything, but most of all action and twists. Overall, I’m really happy I finally got to read it and looking forward to book the next book.

I rate it 4 ½ ★


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