My 2016 GoalsHappy New Years and My 2016 Reading Goals



Wishing you all a


May you have fun, healthy and successful 2016 :) 

I know I haven't done my December 2015 reads yet and I will get to it soon I hope. 

But I didn't get many books read in December anyways due to holidays and birthdays and such, plus the mini  break I took from reading at the end of the month ;) 

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Here are some of my goals for 2016


My main goal for 2016 is NOT to request so many review copies.That's right, no requesting for me this year unless it is an author or series I'm already reading. I will still review for authors and publishers of course, I think I will just stay a way from Net Galley this year. I tend to go crazy requesting books on top of the ones I already have from authors and publishers.Which than can get overwhelming sometimes.  I also want to concentrate on some of the books that I have sitting in my TBR pile and shelves forever and never got to yet.

I don't have a specific goal book wise, no certain books. Just whatever I feel like and or is sitting on my shelve. Plus of course books from series I been already reading. 

I also lowered my yearly goal to only 50 books this year instead of the 100-150 that I usually have. 

Anyways, hope you all doing great and have a even better 2016 

And as always, thank you for all your sport and happy reading :) 

Snoopydoo sigi