Just thought I pop in and introduce myself like everyone else does ;) 


Though I'm really not sure what to say :p 


Okay here it goes short and hopefully painless (for you) 





Hello I'm SnoopyDoo or Nicole, either one is fine with me ;)  And I'm a bookaholic ...Duhhhh or I wouldnt be here, right ?


Anyways I love to read and I read pretty much anything.But my main genres are PNR, Urban fantasy, suspense, horror and mystery. I have been on Booklikes for about 1 1/2 years and love it. I love to meet people who share the same love for reading as I do. It doesn't matter if they read the same books I read or something completely different.


If I don't read, I like to spend time with my family  ( well most of the time lol) and or play video games. Netflix is an other addiction I have :p But to that some other time.


I'm pretty crazy and love to have fun, I welcome everyone and always open to meet new people. I love humor and snark is my best friend or lover depends on who you ask me or snark. ;)  Speaking of lovers, as far as my husband knows he is the only man in my life but that changes once I pick up a book. I love me some book boyfriends and am kind of a  ho when it comes to them :P

 But that is fine for me, variety is the spice of life!  Well at least until they all decide to jump out of the books at the same time and place.

That would makes things a little awkward ;) 



Well I'm not sure what else there is about me, but I'm sure some of my older followers now something ;) 


That's it for me welcome and give me a shout out anytime :) 



You can also find me on Goodreads or my blog :)